The 10 Step Guide to Buying the Right CRM Solution

Buying a CRM solution requires a process different from the typical IT purchase procedure.
Because CRM connects to all aspects of the organization, organizations must understand
not only the products and vendors available to them but the way their own businesses work.

CRM Total Cost of Ownership: Fees, Subscriptions and Hidden Costs

The way companies use and pay for customer relationship management (CRM) applications is changing.
Moving from a predominantly perpetual license-based system, where companies paid a large up-front sum
and then smaller annual maintenance fees, CRM software providers are now moving towards monthly or
annual subscription fees to access CRM software on the Internet.

Customer Relationship Management Buyer’s Guide: Innovations in CRM

Once, when a deal sounded too good to be true, we used to wait for the catch. Now, thanks
to customer relationship management (CRM), we wait for the up-sell.